General Energy Systems PTY (Ltd) – (G.E.S) – An Energy Management company, encompasses all aspects of the energy sector, but focuses on the areas of heat energy (generated by burning fossil fuels) and process energy transfer (using steam as the energy carrier).

Our core business is the supply of Liquid Fuels:- HFO, Illuminating Kerosene, Diesel and technical services including:
– The design, installation and engineering support for liquid fuel reticulation and storage systems
– The provision of energy consulting and engineering skills to all sectors.

G.E.S is currently one of the major suppliers of fuel oils to industry in South Africa and has a wide customer base covering a variety of industries including:

– Iron & Steel
– Chemical
– Metallurgical
– General Engineering
– General Mining
– Textile Industry
– Pharmaceutical Industry
– Food & Beverage Industry

Working closely with these industries in supplying their energy requirements, G.E.S understands the processes involved in the various industries. G.E.S employs a number of people who work closely together in order to market Industrial (carbon based) fuels and supply the technical backgrounds required for implementing and operating burner, boiler, oven and furnace systems. G.E.S’s personnel have a wide range of expertise and experience in all matters relating to industrial energy encompassing:

– Coal technology
– Coal combustion
– Gas and gas utilisation
– Liquid fuel technology
– Heat fuel combustion
– Plant design and commissioning
– Electricity
– Environmental technology

In addition to the fuel side, G.E.S provides an energy outsourcing service. G.E.S can and own operate a boiler plant, and sell steam across the fence to a client/user or manage a client owned boiler & provide steam at an agreed rate. Resulting from years of experience G.E.S with boiler plant operation and management, it is able to produce steam efficiently, at lower cost than the client can generate it’s own steam thereby leaving the client to concentrate on their core business with the knowledge that steam will be available as and when required.


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