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G.E.S was established 28 years ago and has been involved in all aspects of the energy and fuels industry. G.E.S has held the national marketing agreement with Engen Petroleum (formerly Mobil) for the past 25 years and is responsible for national marketing and business development of the industrial heat fuels produced at the refinery covering the full range of industrial fuel oils such as:

– Vacuum tower residues
– Heavy furnace oils
– Blended furnace oils
– Light distillate fuels (kerosene)

G.E.S supplies liquid fuels to industry from the Engen Refinery in Durban, or from other refineries by means of the inter-refinery fuel supply agreement between the major petroleum companies.

G.E.S is also a key player in the recovery of waste oils from industry and has the technology accepted world wide for processing these waste oils. In particular this encompasses lubricating oils, which have passed their useful life in terms of lubrication, and become a problem when it comes to the disposal of these oils. In the state that these are collected, it is not recommended to burn them without first a specialised treatment. This is because of the fine metallic and other particles left in the oils as a result of friction of moving parts, which is what the oils were used for in the first place. In terms of burning of these used oils, G.E.S markets the processed products throughout South Africa either on it’s own as a boiler fuel, or blends this used oil product with other standard refinery products, to reduce sulphur levels in the standard products (because of the low sulphur percentages in the used oil product). In this way G.E.S is managing to dispose of an environmentally unfriendly product in an environmentally friendly manner.

G.E.S’s fuel expertise covers:

– Technical support
– Energy comparison and selection advice
– Equipment selection and design
– Equipment installation and commissioning
– Ongoing fuel efficiency support
– Environmental effects and technologies
– Finance

The company’s personnel have a wide range of technical expertise and experience in all matters relating to industrial energy, encompassing:

– Petroleum liquid fuels
– Petroleum residual carbon materials
– Oil combustion
– Gas and gas utilisation
– Coal gasification
– Coal tar fuels
– Waste oil fuels

G.E.S has the expertise to set fuel specifications for specific applications and also takes standard fuels from the Engen refinery for sale to its range of customers countrywide.


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