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energy_sa Renewable Energy – ENERGY Systems SA
ENERGY Systems SA is a partnership between General Energy Systems (GES) and YLEM Energy (Ylem) who have finalised a joint venture to finance, design, build and operate landfill gas to energy projects in South Africa. YLEM is a leading power generation company that provides clean energy initiatives with environmental benefits. It has many companies such as YLEM are experts in capturing, managing and utilizing landfill gas for generating electricity. They have access to a whole host of resources from gas pipe work installations, flaring equipment, LFG engine manufacture, feasibility studies and finance. With more than 90MW of installed capacity worldwide, YLEM is the UK’s leading independent landfill gas electricity supplier and a leader in this technology in developing countries.  General Energy Systems is an energy management company with a significant track record in South Africa focusing in heat energy (fossil fuels) and process energy transfer (steam). GES installs, owns, operates and manages:– steam generation plants; hot water boilers; hot gas plants; cogeneration plants; steam, electricity and thermal oil, heat transfer plants, and sells ‘energy’ in a useful form on an ‘across the fence’ basis. This pooling of knowledge and experience enables ENERGY Systems SA to provide a customised “one stop shop” solution that is tailored for the South African market.  ENERGY Systems SA  are able to assist municipalities by guiding them  through the whole process from developing projects under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol, to managing Carbon Credits as well as the connection and sale of electricity into the SA market.


The first phase of the Johannesburg landfill gas to electricity project.Below is a picture of the Robinson Deep facility which was commissioned in November 2016 and generate 3MW of electrical power from the landfill gas extracted form the landfill site.


Below is picture of the Goudkoppies facility was commissioned in May 2017 and generates 2MW of electrical power from the landfill gas extracted for the landfill site.


ENERGY Joburg – Socio Economic Development project. ENERGY has established a socio economic development programme where it partners with schools in and around the landfill sites and provide these schools with support in the form of desks and chairs and other fixed features to improve the level and quality of education in these previously disadvantaged areas.



shisa Shisa Energy Systems (Pty)Ltd
SHISA is a joint venture between G.E.S and a consortium of shareholders. SHISA is a black empowerment company with 26% black woman ownership and are fully compliant with the South African governments “Liquid Fuels Empowerment Charter”.

Shisa holds a DOE (Department of Energy) issued Wholesale License Certificate for the supply of Aviation Gasoline, Biofuels, Diesel, Jet Fuel, LPG, Paraffin, HFO and Petrol.

SHISA is focused on the supply of Industrial Energy Supply and Energy Management across all industrial sectors. Through our association with Engen Petroleum, we market the full range of industrial fuels produced by the ENREF refinery. These fuels include but are not limited to:

• Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO 150)
• Illuminating Kerosene (IK) / Paraffin
• Diesel

SHISA can assist in the design and development of energy systems that maximise efficiency through the maximum utilisation and the correct application of technologies that take advantage of available energy streams.

Engen-Learnership-Opportunities-2015 ENGEN
Engen in South Africa focuses on the downstream refined petroleum products market and related businesses. The company’s core functions are the refining of crude oil, the marketing of our primary refined petroleum products and the provision of convenience services via our extensive retail network.

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amandla_resources AMANDLA RESOURCES
ARD has identified that there is sufficient BioMass waste product available (from several local forestry operations) that can be collected and processed, via a combustion process or a more advanced gasification process, to generate significant amounts of electric power, Gas-to-Liquids fuels manufacture and direct heat for industrial processing.

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installation_construction Installation & Construction
As our name suggests, we have become an extremely diversified business in the manufacturing of general pipe work, pump stations, liquid petroleum gas, petrochemical installations through to general engineering and fabrication. We have also been involved in Turnkey Projects.

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FFS Refiners FFS Refiners
FFS are South Africa’s largest supplier of re-refined industrial heating fuels. FSS specialises in the recovery and recycling of used oils. G.E.S and FFS has a mutually beneficial working relationship for many years. G.E.S have access to the full range of re–refined fuels produced by FSS.

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Dryden Dryden Combustion
Our leading reputation within the combustion industry extends over 70 years in South Africa.
Today we combine various divisions :

  • New and reconditioned steam and hot water boilers
  • Burners and associated equipment
  • Service and maintenance
  • Spares
  • Material handling
  • Training division
  • Marine

We also represent Ferroli Steam and Hot Water Boilers, Hamworthy Combustion Equipment, Peabody Engineering, Airoil-Flaregas and Chentronics. Together we offer a unique “One Stop Combustion Shop”.

Our strong customer focus make us the first choice for many of Southern African blue-chip companies seeking cost-effective, professional and efficient solutions.

Whatever your problem, whichever your industry, wherever your location, it makes sense to choose the most trusted name in the combustion industry – Dryden Combustion.

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Dalmat Engineering Projects Dalmat Engineering Projects
Established in 2001 and based in Alrode, Johannesburg, South Africa provides cost-effective technologies for:

  • Production of char (devolatised coal) from bituminous coals,
  • Extraction of oils (kerogen) from oil shales / torbanite

The Dalmat pyrolisation technologies process bituminous coals to produce either char coke or retort coke which can be used as a carbon reductant and blended with or substitute metallurgical coke.

The same pyrolisation technology can be equipped to capture the condensable liquids from the evolved volatile gasses from the process, therefore it is also suited to capture oils/tars from oil shales (torbanite) which can be marketed in the petroleum industries.

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