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GENX 150 (HFO)


GenX-150 Heavy Furnace Oil is a heavy, black residual fuel for furnaces and boilers. GenX-150 Heavy Furnace Oil is commonly called Heavy Furnace Oil (HFO).


GenX-150 Heavy Furnace Oil is often used in high volume industrial heat fuel applications such as steam and hot water boilers (other than domestic), a variety of furnaces and kilns as well as very large drying operations. Major applications are in glass manufacture, brickworks, cement industry, ceramics, ore and metal smelting.

GENX-P100 – (Illuminating Kerosene (IK) / Paraffin)


Engen Laurel Paraffin is a household name in illuminating kerosene, water-white in colour, highly refined light/middle distillate fuel that burns with a large, bright, smokeless flame and is free from unpleasant odours. In heat fuel applications, Engen Laurel Paraffin, also know as Engen Illuminating Kerosene, provides maximum heat through clean and efficient combustion where it’s low sulphur content allows for low process or stack exhaust temperatures without cause for concern regarding metal surface corrosion arising from acid dew point.


Extensively as a commercial and industrial heat fuel for use in smaller boilers, kilns and furnaces, process air heating, heating of liquids in tanks and firing gas turbines.



Engen Diesel, known as Automotive Diesel Oil (ADO), Diesel Gas Oil, Marine Gas Oil or Bunker Gas Oil, is a high quality, middle distillate, automotive diesel engine fuel that complies fully with the requirements of SANS 342 specification. Although Engen Diesel has a controlled Cetane Number, it’s density, calorific value and viscosity varies slightly between the coast and inland.


Engen Diesel is used as a heat fuel in domestic, commercial and industrial installations such as hot water boilers, steam raising plant, bakeries, process air heating, heating of liquids in tanks for degreasing or pickling, etc. Other general applications include drying processes where minimum contamination by fumes is important, and in all types and sizes of furnaces.




GENX P-100OLI < is a blend of Engen Laurel Paraffin and lubricity enhancing additive pack.


Used as a Diesel replacement heating fuel where lubricity levels need to meet the international EN590 standards of a 460 micron wear scar.


Engen, one of the main petroleum oil refineries in South Africa have appointed General Energy Systems (G.E.S) a South African industrial energy technology and marketing company to develop markets and test the above new products to be produced at the refinery. To read more click here.

Blended products for sulphur sensitive applications

Low cost re-refined fuels for suitable applications.

Through our association with FFS, G.E.S can supply a range of light and heavy re-refined industrial heating fuels for suitable applications.


G.E.S developed, tested and converted the Iscor (Mittal) blast furnace to accept the bespoke carbon injectant product developed by us and produced at the Engen refinery, this project included the design and engineering of the sophisticated fuels storage and reticulation systems for the blast furnace carbon injectant fuels and engineering input to the injectors and injector control systems. G.E.S was the contracted supplier of this product to the Newcastle plant for over 10 years until the conversion to PCI. G.E.S has ongoing development programmes with Engen on very heavy residual fuels and these products remain available to the market.


G.E.S developed the use of petroleum based heavy residual binders for use in coke oven operations, these products require sophisticated high temperature transportation and storage, we were a major supplier of briquette binders in South Africa.


The use of coal tar as an Industrial Fuel was developed and introduced into Southern Africa by personnel in this company. We offer sales and technical support for all matters concerning the processing and use of all coal tar derivatives.

PROCESS ENERGY (Energy Plant and Contract Energy Management)

One of the companies’ specific areas of business is the outsourcing of industrial Energy covering the installation, operation, maintenance and management of energy generating plant such as Steam boilers, hot water generators, hot gas (air) plant, thermal oil heat transfer plant, Incineration plant and Material process plant.

G.E.S currently sells process steam on an “across the fence “basis to its customers, these plants are operated 24 hours a day and allows our customers to concentrate on running their core business and not having the distraction of running a process energy plant.